Markerless motion capture at Caritas Hospital St. Josef

Last week, we had the opportunity to use our 3D MotionCapture setup for the first time to measure patient movement in a clinical setting. The mobile markerless camera setup and the minimal preparation of the subjects allowed us to record 62 test subjects during their waiting times within 4 days without interfering with everyday hospital routine. The feedback from patients and staff was consistently positive.
We recorded everyday movements and clinical mobility tests. This was an initial pilot measurement on the way to permanently integrating such systems into everyday clinical practice in the future. The aim is to integrate automated MotionAnalysis directly into the diagnostic process. In addition, patients and staff were sensitised to the topics of osteoporosis and fall prevention as part of an information week in collaboration with the Caritas-Krankenhaus St. Josef and the HSD Hochschule Döpfer