Musculoskeletal Modeling Workshop 2023

We will once again organize a Musculoskeletal Modeling Workshop using the AnyBody Modeling System.

The course will aim at beginners and include a review and discussion of important theoretic background, but emphasis will be on practical skills to perform musculoskeletal simulations with the AnyBody Modeling System.

The course will span several areas of musculoskeletal simulation from medical device development to ergonomics, sport performance, general biomechanics and academic/clinical research.

The workshop will be a mix between theory and applied hands-on modeling.

The course schedule will include:

Day 1: AnyBody Modeling System and Model Repository, Kinematics, Muscle Models/Recruitment

Day 2: Templates, Scaling Options, Motion Capture

Day 3: Advanced Models (parameter or optimization studies), Interfaces to other software

Day 4: Motion Capture (optional)


May 23rd – May 26th, 2023


Laboratory for Biomechanics, Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg, Germany

(not online)


Free of charge

For further information and registration contact: