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We have a variety of different software packages available for our numerical research. Mainly we use ScanIP+CAD+FE (Simpleware, Exceter, UK), AnyBody Modeling System (AnyBody Technology, Aalborg, DK) und ANSYS (ANSYS Inc., Canonsburg, PA/USA). For experimental studies we have the two sections material testing and human motion analysis. For materials testing we are using mainly an Instron E3000 testing frame, with some custom made test rigs. Furthermore, we have optical deformation measurement systems available. All testing can be done also with biological tissue, the required laboratory surroundings for preperation, tissue storage etc. are there. The human motion lab is equipped with a 12 camera Vicon system (in cooperation with the Institute for Sport Sciences of the University Regensburg), a work simulation device (Physiomed Contrex WS), 24 channel EMG with IMUs (Delsys Trigno), several devices for the measurement of other biosignals and custom made test rigs for the measurement of forces.