Musculoskeletal modeling workshop March 2019

We will once again organize a Musculoskeletal Modeling Workshop using the AnyBody Modeling System.

The course will include a review and discussion of important theoretic background, but emphasis will be on practical skills to perform musculoskeletal simulations with the AnyBody Modeling System. The course will span several areas of musculoskeletal simulation from medical device development to ergonomics, sport performance, general biomechanics and academic/clinical research.

Details can be found on the laboratory webpage.

World Congress Biomechanics

Our team has been part of the WCB in Dublin this summer.  We presented various pieces of our work like how fatigue is influencing muscle recruitement, how mental stress is increasing muscle and spinal disc forces and some new data on muscle crosstalk.

Thanks to the organizers. It has been great fun.

Position open

One position is  open for a new project within the Regensburg Center of Health Science and Technology.

Project: Blended Physiotherapie

Novel treatment options for musculoskeletal disorders should be developed together with a physical therapist. From this, applications should be developed to support physical therapy.

More details on the position can be found here.

The position focuses on musculoskeletal modeling and app development.

Duration: 2 years

Salary: 75% E13 TVL

Please contact Prof. Dendorfer for further info.

New publication

We just got a paper accepted in the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research .

The work is a collaboration with our partners at University Clinics Regensburg. The authors are Paul Schmitz, Christoph Neumann, Carsten Neumann, Michael Nerlich and Sebastian Dendorfer. The titel: Biomechanical Analysis Of Iliac Crest Loading Following Cortico-Cancellous Bone Harvesting.

Thanks to all for the good work.


Some new press…

We got some medial attention. Last week Prof. Dendorfer was featured in Healthcare 4.0, Wirtschaftzeitung with an interview on virtual medicine.

Also the laboratories work on virtual human body modeling and stress has been mentioned in an special supplement on Research in Bavaria in the German newspaper Die Zeit.

Kurzfilm zum Innovationspreis des Landkreises Cham 2017

Hier finden Sie eine Zusammenstellung der Kandidaten für den Innovationspreis des Landkreises Cham 2017. Der zehnte Beitrag (z.B. über Playlist) skizziert unsere Arbeit mit TB Sondermaschinen zur Entwicklung eines neuartigen Trainingsgerätes für Rückenerkrankungen.

Glückwunsch an die Gewinner des Preises, Anton und Sandro Heindl mit ihrem sehr guten Produkt “Ultra Clean”. Ein tolles Beispiel wie Innovation aus dem Mittelstand generiert wird.  Es muss nicht immer die Hochschule sein! Kann aber natürlich 😉