Webcast on the influence of mental demand on leg loading for football players.

Simon Auer will give a webcast about parts of this PhD work. The webcasts will be given in cooperation with AnyBody Technology on the 29th of September. Details can be found here.

Football players have a high risk of leg muscle injuries, especially when exposed to mental stress. Injuries to muscles of the thigh are common in amateur and professional football, representing almost a third of all injuries. These injuries occur primarily in non-contact situations and from overuse. They can lead to a range of costs, including financial costs associated with treatment as well as those associated with long-term recovery, and absence from training and/or competition. Further, there is a high risk of injury recurrence and subsequent injury.
Musculoskeletal models are an established method for analyzing internal body loads in ergonomic or rehabilitation. In the recent past, these models have also been used for more dynamic movements such as those found in soccer. Hence, we investigate the effects of mental stress in highly dynamic motion. This will provide new information on internal loading of the lower extremities and help to prevent injuries.