Presentations at ESB meeting 2019

We had a number of contributions to the 2019 European Society of Biomechanics Meeting in Vienna:

Simon Auer presented his preliminary study on the influence of mental stress on muscle forces in football players and could show that stress in fact increases forces and might therefore play an important role in the develpment of injuries. 

Maximilian Aurbach showed his study on how different modelling parameters influence shoulder joint reaction forces. He proposed that the use of Hill-type muscle models might play the most important role in proper force prediction of inverse dynamic models.

Franz Süß work was present by Sebastian Dendorfer. Again a stress topic, this study could show how cognitive stress increases spinal forces even under very controlled motion.

Simone Kubowitsch studied the influence of cognitive stress on biomechanical symmetry in spinal muscles and could show significant differences in muscle recruitement under stress.

Maximilian Melzners development and validation of a novel musculoskelettal hand model was presented by our partners on University Ulm. The new model has quite some potential to adress biomechanical questions on the hand. 

All studies were recieved quite well and it will be exciting to see these projects go on!

Contact us for details.

Thanks to the organizers for the great conference.